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Tradition, Innovation, and Tipsy Mules

Three and a half years after opening Loaded Question Brewing, we are starting to feel confident enough to get a bit more creative. Don't worry, we are not going to stop brewing Pilsners, West Coast IPA's, or Porters but we are going to start pushing the boundaries...a bit.

The world of beer is always evolving, and we at Loaded Question believe it is possible to respect tradition without being handcuffed by it. The reality is, every beer style was new at some point. If brewers strictly adhered to tradition Kettle Sours and NEIPA's wouldn't exist. Hell, it wasn't that long ago when traditionalists were appalled at the idea of a beer as unbalanced as a West Coast IPA.

All of this leads to our newest beer, the Tipsy Mule. An oated, cold brew coffee lager brewed in collaboration with the brilliant coffee roasting minds at La Mulita Coffee. We know this beer is likely to ruffle some feathers. We can hear it now: "What? A coffee LAGER? Look, do whatever crazy thing you want when brewing ales but lagers... this is blasphemy. Is nothing sacred?" Indeed, most innovation is focused on ales and there are probably a number of reasons this is true. Of course, the fact that ales are easier and faster to brew plays a role, but I think much of reticence results from the fact that lagers are associated with the German purity laws. Purity, just the word suggests that brewers who dare stray from tradition might be struck down by the great mash paddle in the sky.


6.4% ABV

OG: 1.058. TG: 1.009

SRM: 11

IBU: 12

Tasting Notes: Chocolate and dark berries with a subtle toasty character and a soft finish.

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